Jonathan O’Boyle appointed director of ArtsEd’s musical theater school


Director Jonathan O’Boyle has been appointed director of the ArtsEd School of Musical Theater.

Having worked on a variety of productions, including the recent award-winning cover of The last five years, O’Boyle will take on the role starting in November.

He said: “I am truly delighted to join the ArtsEd family as the Director of the School of Musical Theater. As one of the leading drama schools in the country, with the first theater training course UK musical, ArtsEd is firmly at the top of its game. I have always had the most fun working with ArtsEd students, and look forward to continuing this work and shaping the future of Classes.

“We are entering a difficult period in the arts sector. As we begin the road to recovery from the devastation of COVID-19, drama training will continue to evolve and change over time. I look forward to this challenge, being at the center of a school that strives for excellence. “

O’Boyle will work to lead Top hat at the Mill at Sonning in September, after which he will focus on the role of ArtsEd, succeeding Chris Hocking as director of the school of musical theater.

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