Immersive Van Gogh art exhibition arrives in Dublin


Visitors can literally step into his world.

An art exhibit with a three-dimensional twist celebrating the work of Vincent Van Gogh is coming to RDS in May.

Vincent Van Gogh is widely regarded as one of the greatest post-Impressionist artists of all time (don’t tell Rembrandt that). Known for his expressive and dramatic brushwork, the man who cut off his ear has become hugely popular after his death, his work selling for record sums towards the end of the 20th century.

Art lover or not, you’ll recognize this man’s work when you see him. This exhibition is truly unique and reflects our digital age by offering a new way of experiencing classic art. Freeing the rooms from their two-dimensional form, the exhibition is a 20,000 square foot light and sound experience featuring two-story projections of the Dutch artist’s most compelling works.

The iconic works of art will be projected onto the floors and walls so visitors can truly immerse themselves in the experience.

The brainchild of a Dublin-based company Theater of Light, the exhibition received rave reviews in cities around the world, from Tokyo to London. Explaining why the experience is so amazing, project director Jillian Wilson said:

“You can walk through the fascinating and tragic life of Van Gogh, through his carefully selected works of art, chosen to fully absorb you in a multi-sensory experience, with stunning audio-visual effects.”

As part of the experience, visitors will also have the opportunity to view three award-winning existing contemporary digital artworks, which take the visitor beyond Van Gogh, on a journey of the evolution of art, science and light.

A sensory show not to be missed, register!

Advance tickets for the exhibition are available from today on for 23€. General Admission tickets go on sale Tuesday, 22n/a from February. All Covid-19 rules and guidelines will be strictly followed.


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