Havertys Commemorates Over 125 Years of Service to Texas with Exclusive Art Collection


You know the name Havertys, but you might not know how long they’ve been around! Believe it or not, Havertys is celebrating over 125 years of Texas business with an exclusive art collection.

Michael Cavender, Managing Director of Havertys and Courtney Pisz, a home designer, joined Studio 512 co-host Rosie Newberry to tell us more.

Why did you choose to celebrate this milestone with an exclusive art collection?

“Everything is bigger in Texas, including the artwork. Our large-scale photographs pay homage to Texas and its beautiful and iconic landscapes and landmarks. We also wanted to partner with a Texas-based company, so we worked with Four Hands Art Studio in Austin to fully produce all six featured artworks,” said Cavender.

Can you tell us a bit more about the art collection?

“We have six works of art that feature stunningly vivid photographs of Texas landmarks and landscapes, including Big Bend, the star of Marfa Texas, a saddlery, a field of bluebonnets, a windmill and a beautiful sunset in Texas. You really have to see it in person to appreciate just how impressive the artwork is. Classic photography, combined with the chosen material, sizes and framing, makes the image incredibly dramatic. Like you’re really standing in a field of bluebonnets or overlooking Big Bend,” Pisz said.

You say you have to see it in person.

“Havertys combined classic photography with special, custom materials, sizes and frames to make these pieces special,” Pisz said.

Courtney, can you give us an idea of ​​where to use these parts?

“Entrance or in a living room,” Pisz said.

Obviously, in Texas, we have our own style, but how can Haverty help someone find their own unique voice for their home?

“Havertys offers a wide variety of quality parts for customers to choose from. Different styles – from western and farmhouse, of course, to contemporary and traditional. Pieces of different sizes for your unique space. And we can even help you customize furniture to suit your unique tastes,” Pisz said.

“Our free design service can help you with any project, big or small. From selecting the right artwork and furniture for your space, helping you measure, or pairing new furniture with pieces. that you already love.For us, it’s not about selling you a piece of furniture, it’s about working with you to help you solve what you’re working on and help you deliver happiness.

Where can people find their local Havertys?

“Havertys has three locations in Austin, including our newest location in the Pflugerville area. You can also still shop online at Havertys.com.“

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