Gloriana Musical Theater presents The Addams Family – Young at Part – Fort Bragg Advocate-News


The Gloriana Musical Theater (GMT) returns on October 28, 29 and 30 with a smashing seasonal youth production, The Addams Family — Young at Part.

The last time we saw this cast of talented local actors was three years ago, when pre-pandemic times brought “Really Rosie” and “The Snow Queen” to life in the fall and winter 2019. A lot has changed since then. These young actors who were once the “little children” of our community have turned into teenagers.

Second, GMT lost its home, formerly Eagles Hall, and changed its name to Gloriana Studios with space at The Boatyard mall. While Gloriana Studios will be offering many workshops and performing arts classes, this theatrical production is hosted at the Portuguese Hall.

“After everything that has happened since 2020, we had to hit a home run. We chose to bring in veterans of Gloriana Musical Theater for our first show,” said Jenni Windsor, Production Manager of Gloriana Musical Theatre. She is also the voice director of the show.

The Addams Family: Young at Part features Sara Rose (Morticia), Pablo Salmon (Gomez), Adrian Taylor (Uncle Fester), Izzy Shipley (Wednesday), August Haye (Pugsley), Amari Fishman (Grandma Addams), Nick Marshall (Lucas ) and Finn Felicich (Lurch). These talented performers have graced the stages of GMT, the Mendocino Theater Company and local school productions. Through the covid pandemic, the community has struggled to maintain the foundations of the performing arts in our community.

“There is no other learning experience for young people like the performing arts, especially youth theatre. The skills learned by these children on stage will be used in all aspects of their lives. The loss of these programs to Covid-19 was truly cruel and unfair. We couldn’t be happier to be back in action,” said Addams Family manager Kylie Felicich.

The Addams Family is produced and choreographed by Amanda Ficilia, who has worked on amazing GMT shows like Mamma Mia! And really Rosie. The cast includes William Fulton, Seersha Saro, Dottie Palmer, Grant Felicich, Rita Pena and Amy Felicich.


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