Friends’ New Theory Completely Changes Apartment Change


Friends seen many memorable moments between the main characters, one of which was the change of apartment, but one theory completely changes that moment and makes it less funny. The 1990s saw the rise of various sitcoms that became classics, and one of the most successful was Friendscreated by David Crane and Marta Kauffman. Friends aired from 1994 to 2004 for a total of 10 seasons, and it continues to be considered one of the greatest television shows of all time. Friends’ The arrival in the world of streaming has introduced the main characters to new generations of viewers while allowing countless rewatches, which has given way to more theories about the series.


Located in New York, Friends followed a group of six young adults as they tried their best each day to juggle their social, personal and professional lives while coping with everything adulthood constantly threw at them, all with a healthy dose of of humor. Over the course of 10 seasons, Monica, Chandler, Joey, Phoebe, Rachel and Ross found themselves involved in all sorts of situations – from some very dramatic ones like the infamous “breakup” between Ross and Rachel to more comedic situations like Monica and Rachel is “fighting” over who will keep an ugly, chaotic portrayal of Phoebe – many of which have become part of pop culture, to the point that even those who’ve never watched the show know what happened.

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One of those moments is Monica and Rachel changing apartments to Joey and Chandler, but one theory completely changes what made the change so funny and memorable, as it suggests Chandler cheated on Monica and Rachel just to get the “good” apartment.

Friends apartment change explained

The change of apartment took place in Friends season 4, in the episode “The One with the Embryos”. As Phoebe prepared to become Frank and Alice’s surrogate, Joey, after correctly guessing that it was Monica’s laundry day and therefore wearing a specific type of underwear, made a bet. with the always competitive Monica that he and Chandler knew more about her and Rachel than they knew about the guys. Chandler and Joey proved their point by correctly guessing everything Rachel had just bought at the store. In order to prove who knew who best, they held a trivia game created and hosted by Ross, who divided the questions into different categories. As the game progressed, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, and Joey grew increasingly excited (and a little aggressive), and when the match ended in a tie, they settled a new bet: if the girls won, the boys would have to get rid of their rooster and duck, but if the boys won, they would have to change apartments. Although Rachel disagreed, Monica agreed to both.

Unfortunately, during the “love at first sight”, Monica and Rachel were unable to answer the question of what Chandler’s job is, with Rachel saying he was a “transponder”. Not only was that obviously wrong, but they were also running out of time, and so Chandler and Joey proved they knew them better and switched apartments with Monica and Rachel, even though the latter tried to stop him. Luckily for Rachel and Monica, after some time in the other apartment, they got theirs back by swapping them while the boys were at a basketball game, and sealed the new deal by kissing for a minute in front of them. .

Friends Theory: Chandler cheated on Monica for the apartment move

A theory posted on Reddit suggests that Chandler cheated on Monica the entire game and bet the flat by cheating in their first game. The theory’s author explains that there was a brief moment in the scene where Chandler and Joey guessed what was in Rachel’s bag where Chandler could have looked inside the bag while the others were distracted. After Joey correctly guessed there were apples in the bag, Ross made an annoying TV host voice, and Chandler approached him to tell him to stop – and that’s what that moment he could have quickly and discreetly looked inside the bag and “guessed” Rachel bought some soda. Chandler needed to trick them into thinking he and Joey knew each other better for Monica to demand revenge, through which he would then entice them to bet on the flat.

This theory would take away what made playing and changing apartments so fun: how awfully well the boys knew their friends. On the other hand, it would make Chandler one of the smartest characters in Friends, because he knew how to manipulate his friends into doing something as big as betting their beloved apartment. As for his reasons for doing so, it could have simply been that he and Joey had wanted to live in the big apartment for a while, and he saw the perfect chance to get it when they tried to prove who knew the better.

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