Evil Doctor Strange Is Marvel Lagging Behind


Revealing Evil Doctor Strange in the first teaser trailer Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness might actually be Marvel lagging behind the public. It wouldn’t be the first time the MCU has done such a thing, as they’ve shown themselves willing to go to great lengths to mislead fans, including editing trailers in a way that viewers will expect. story rhythms that do not make the final cut of the film. Evil Doctor Strange, also known as Strange Supreme, could follow a similar pattern.

Stephen Strange’s Evil Variant Was First Introduced To The MCU In Episode 4 Of And if… ?. Instead of injuring his hands in an accident, Doctor Strange lost the love of his life, Dr. Christine Palmer, and no amount of time travel could reverse the event. Strange eventually concluded that he just wasn’t powerful enough to save her, which set him on an irreversibly destructive path. The wizard corrupted himself in his quest for more power, becoming the strongest – and only – person left in his ruined universe.


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Evil Doctor Strange’s transition to live-action offers many exciting possibilities for Multiverse of Madness. As a darker and more powerful version of Doctor Strange, he has the potential to be one of the main villains of doctor strange 2, and revealing the character at the end of the trailer was a fun promotional choice to help highlight how different the movie can be from previous MCU movies. Still, there could be even more to reveal than Marvel is letting on.

Evil Doctor Strange is too big to spoil

Evil Doctor Strange smiles in Doctor Strange & The Multiverse of Madness

For a film that is literally called Multiverse of Madness, it’s a safe assumption that the film will do its best to embrace the element of madness in every way possible. The first trailer has already shown hints of some of the jaw-dropping creatures that will be included, such as an immortal squid called Shuma-Gorath. The filmmakers still hope that viewers will be surprised by the twists in their stories, and Doctor Strange 2 seems determined to challenge everything fans thought they knew about the MCU and its multiverse. Marvel will be keeping as many storyline secrets as possible to maintain this level of unpredictability, so it’s a little confusing why they’ve chosen to reveal Evil Doctor Strange yet.

Given Marvel’s past efforts to hide important moments from a movie before it’s released, it’s more than a little suspicious that something as big as a Doctor Strange villain would be revealed in the first tape. – announcement of Multiverse of Madness. Many exciting elements of the upcoming film – like its array of inhuman creatures and new characters – could have been better highlighted in the trailer, but were instead glossed over to dedicate the final dramatic beat to Evil Doctor Strange. . It’s a fun moment that works well to get viewers excited, but it doesn’t make sense to have already spoiled this character’s inclusion in the film. Such an important plot element feels like it should have been hidden from the public, especially so soon before the film’s release. Evil Doctor Strange is way too big to mess up, and the only logical explanation for that is that the trailer is lying.

Marvel Trailers Always Include Misdirection


It wouldn’t be the first time Marvel’s trailers have edited something out, or even added entire shots that are missing entirely from the final draft, in order to mislead audiences. The trailers for Avengers: Infinity War added in the Hulk guise to an assembled blueprint of heroes, though Bruce Banner remained in human form for most of the film and was actually using the Hulkbuster costume in this scene. The same applies to Spider-Man: No Coming Home, appearances of other Spider-Man variants were removed, but not well enough to hide some seemingly void-stricken villains. These instances of misdirection in trailers were intended to heighten fans’ viewing pleasure by ensuring that their expectations fell far short of reality, even for those who walk into the theater assuming they’ve already figured it out. whole plot. It is not only possible, but highly probable, that Doctor Strange 2 try something similar.

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Doctor Strange 2 merch does not include Evil Strange

Doctor Strange 2 Defenders Doctor Strange Marvel Legends Figure

A movie’s merchandise may be the first thing that confirms which characters will appear in a project, but interestingly, Doctor Strange 2Merchandising still doesn’t include anything for Evil Doctor Strange. The current character lineup includes a blue “Astral Form” figure of Doctor Strange – for when his mind is separated from his body – and a Defender Strange with the variant’s signature red and black costume, but not Evil Strange. This seems like an odd oversight given that even the green minotaur Rintrah, a minor comic book character who only briefly appeared in the trailer, was part of the merchandise line instead. If such an obscure character was included, why would one of the main highlights of the Doctor Strange 2 trailer be so? The only rational conclusion to excluding such a great character and prioritizing others instead is that Evil Doctor Strange isn’t what it seems. Its appearance in these early promotional materials may mislead the public.

Theory: Doctor Strange 2 trailers are fooling you about Evil Strange

Evil Doctor Strange destroys the universe.

Although it is not known exactly how, Doctor Strange 2Trailers for Evil Doctor Strange may mislead viewers. It’s unlikely the character doesn’t exist in the film at all, but her role may be different than the trailer suggested. What if…? season 1 had ended by somewhat redeeming his Evil Strange through the deal he made with the Watcher to help protect the multiverse. If it is the same character as the one appearing in the trailer, it cannot act as a villain in Multiverse of Madness, although he initially disagrees with the main Doctor Strange. Although Evil Doctor Strange looks nefarious thanks to his menacing grin, he might end up being Strange’s greatest ally. Of course, even that doesn’t explain why the character is absent from merchandising.

Another possibility is that the character acting as an evil version of Doctor Strange isn’t a variant of Stephen at all, but someone or something else entirely. This person could simply pretend to be an evil mirror of Strange to intimidate or mislead the wizard and, by extension, the public. When the MCU’s Doctor Strange then directs all his energy and focus on this suspected threat, the real danger can operate behind the scenes more or less unchecked. Considering the number of moving parts that will apparently be in play in Multiverse of Madness, with plenty of new characters, updated old ones, and multiple potential villains, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if this evil Strange Supreme turned out to be just an illusion or a disguise. After all, balancing so many characters can make it difficult to give everyone enough screen time so they don’t feel lost in the movie, while still telling a cohesive story. It’s possible that Evil Doctor Strange has a much different role to play.

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