Ernest Kohl is this week’s artist of the musical theater radio BE OUR GUEST


Ernest Kohl’s is this week’s featured guest on the flagship interview show “BE OUR GUEST”!

“BE OUR GUEST”! is Musical Theater Radio’s newest and hottest interview show featuring the best performers in Musical Theater. “BE OUR GUEST”! is hosted by renowned historian and musical theater director Jean-Paul Yovanoff, who is also CEO and Program Director of Musical Theater Radio.

“BE OUR GUEST”! airs every Saturday at 12:00 p.m. EST. with a new special guest artist each week.

This week, the very special guest of FEBRUARY 20, 2021 is none other than the famous international award-winning Billboard recording artist ERNEST KOHL.

Who will discuss in detail with Jean-Paul Yovanoff his exceptional long career from childhood to date with his # 1 worldwide hits in musicals and more.

Ernest Kohl, a multi-talented recording artist and performer, has become a celebrated force within the music industry with an impressive number of international hits. With 21 consecutive “Top Ten” singles, 127 of which rose to number one on the Dance Music Authority (DMA), Billboard, Street Sound and Dance Music Report (DMR) Top Fifty Charts, Eurodance Charts, Promo Club Chart charts , LGBTQ Music Chart and Dance & Pop Radio Charts, it is no wonder that Kohl received the award for “Best Male Vocalist” from DMA in 1990. From 1991 to 2012, he received nominations for “Song of the year “,” Best producer / arranger “and” Best live performer “as well as” Best male singer “. In just a few short years, Ernest has also established himself as a producer, musical arranger, writer, actor, dancer, model, director, choreographer and president of his own independent production company. Ernest has been singing, dancing and performing professionally since he was a child. His formal training began at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York.

A protégé of the famous singing teacher Katie Agresta, (known for her work on the musical “JERSEY BOYS”) Ernest gives her credit for helping her develop her critically acclaimed vocal talents. He studied dance with the American Ballet Theater and respected choreographers Chuck Kelly and Drew Packolyk. Kohl’s interest in contemporary dance then led him to a fruitful collaboration with the choreographer. AC Ciulla (choreographer of the Broadway dance music sensation and former Grammy nominated C&C Music Factory member). This creative alliance gave a new and even more energetic dimension to Kohl’s live “The Explosive Tour”, “The Tornado Tour” and his production “The Importance Tour / Tour De Importance”, and his production “The Make You Weak Tour” as as well as its video performance. Ernest now deepens his passion for contemporary dance, teaming up with some of New York City’s hottest new choreographers, embarking on Ernest’s Concert and Media program “The Ernest Kohl” Hits! “Tour” / “Ernest Kohl Live”.

Ernest Kohl’s acting credits are as diverse as the vehicles he’s appeared in. His stage work has included roles in musicals such as “Cabaret”, “Carousel”, “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat” and “The Rocky Horror Show”. His film debut as a pimp in Euro-London Film’s “Night People” stands in stark contrast to his portrayal of Anthony Brent, a radical student in Warner Bro’s. ‘ “The world according to Garp.”

Ernest enjoyed a successful modeling career that brought him to the pages of GQ, Vogue and Newsweek. Currently working with accomplished photographer Jack Pedota (“Batman Returns”), Kohl is featured as the Smalto Man in Smalto Cologne’s “You Make Me Weak” ad campaign.

Ernest Kohl is notably famous for the hit n ° 1 “SOOER OR LATER”, “BEING ALIVE” (From The Stephen Sondheim Musical “ENTREPRISE”), “C’EST LE MOMENT” (De La Frank Wildhorn & Leslie Bricusse Musical “JEKYLL & HYDE”), “TO SAVE THE LOVE”, “FOLLOW YOUR HEART”, “BAD TO BE GOOD”, ALL I KNOW “,” ONLY YOU “&” BE NEAR ME “.

Currently, Ernest Kohl’s is represented with the # 1 hit “TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND” – The Elliot S. Remixes which continues to be # 1 on radio as well as in the musical club and pop charts worldwide ” EIKASIA “as well as his two double albums n ° 1: ERNEST KOHL” DISCOFIED “VOL. # 1 & VOL. # 2

Ernest Kohl worked with legendary producers Tom Moulton (Grace Jones, The Tramps, Gloria gaynor,) Steve skinner (arranger of Bette MidlerGrammy Award-winning “From A Distance”, producer / arranger of “To Deserve You”, and musical co-producer / arranger of the cast’s original and Pulitzer Prize-winning music recording and Grammy Award nominee , “Rent” which won four Tony Awards, including “Best Musical”), Eric Beall (Martha wash), David Freiberg (Jefferson Vessel).

Ernest Kohl’s next Maxi-Single CD and video already promises to be very surprising and exciting! In fact, it’s so exciting that we don’t dare talk about its nature so as not to spoil the big surprise! date to come … that is to say very soon! So be on the lookout because all we can tell you is that this one is definitely very, very “HOT” !!!

Ernest Kohl’s new musical direction promises to mark his arrival as the leading man in pop / dance music.

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