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Moira (played by Natalie J Robb) had to revisit the death of Holly (Sophie Powles) this week in Emmerdale as she uncovers the truth that Suzy (Martelle Edinborough) gave her daughter the money to buy the drugs that had resulted in his overdose. It’s fair to say that she and the rest of the Barton family were furious to find out they had been cheated on by the ITV soap opera newcomer. However, what they may not realize is that the businesswoman could have made a deal with Holly and was actually married to her before she died.

It has been known for a few weeks that Suzy and Holly have been working together, the latter being hired by the businesswoman to take photos at the weddings she was planning.

From there, the pair developed a strong friendship and they would sometimes do drugs together to unwind after a hard day’s work.

However, with their wedding-related work, the two characters who had no romantic ideals for each other might have been okay walking down the aisle.

It could have been part of a bigger business plan, with the couple deciding from the start that they could get more work if they were married rather than being two people in different relationships.

They would have thought they could have talked more about the clientele they worked with, but again it would have been discussed in the midst of their drug use.

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The same evening, they could have married in front of two witnesses and an officiant who was ending the day.

When they woke up the next morning, they could have agreed that it was a stupid idea and one of their craziest since they knew each other.

They would have decided to divorce since they had not consummated the marriage but Holly could have died before the signing of the papers.

This would mean that Suzy is technically related to Moira as she is her stepdaughter, albeit by accident, but it would make their connection much deeper.

With her stepmother now knowing the truth about how she knew Holly, she could drop the bombshell that she was his wife.

This would turn Moira’s world upside down as she would think she really doesn’t know her daughter at all and it would leave her in a dilemma about whether to forgive Suzy.

The newcomer may not have explained that it was during a drug-fueled party session that they got the idea to walk down the aisle.

Therefore, she would trick her stepmother into thinking she was in love with her daughter and she would never intentionally cause her death.

Could Suzy return to Moira’s good books as a stepdaughter or will another one of her secrets be blown out of the water?

Someone who might not believe what Suzy says will be Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano), who was furious and wanted revenge when he found out the truth about his sister’s death.

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By searching, he was able to find the witnesses who were present at the wedding and discovered that they were Suzy’s friends.

As he learns more about his sister-in-law, he might realize the newcomer isn’t who she claims to be and how what she did to Holly, giving her sex Money for drugs that led to his overdose was not his first time.

Will Matty discover the terrifying truth that his sister married a killer?

The actress who plays Moira, Natalie, hinted that a surprising twist like this could play out, turning the characters and viewers’ worlds upside down.

Speaking about the secret of Holly’s death and how we didn’t know she was leaving until the broadcast, the soap opera star said, “I’m very proud of this legacy! Very proud.”

“I wish that would happen more, to be honest, and I think that’s why it got such a response because the audience just didn’t see it coming,” Natalie explained.

“That’s why it was such a shock, and the audience felt the same shock I did if you know what I mean? ‘Is it? It can’t be! ‘she ?’

“As sad as the story is, I think they appreciated that they didn’t see it coming,” she said in an interview with Metro.co.uk.

Will the idea that Suzy is related to Moira be a plot twist that isn’t revealed until it’s shown on screen in real time?

The actress also opened up about what it was like to revisit the storyline that was so devastating when it first aired five years ago.

Natalie said: “I was a little surprised. Sometimes you don’t want too much pessimism on the show and when you revisit something that was quite dramatic you always have to think about the angle.

“But actually, I really like the angle that they’re going to, where it ties into where what happened. In a way, it will bring things together that Moira didn’t know.

“I was surprised, I’m not going to lie, but it’s something that could happen in real life.

“I like that it helps Moira learn more about what really happened,” but will she be kept in the dark about why her daughter married Suzy?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.


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