Eccleston’s Doctor Who 60th Anniversary Story Supports Multiverse Theory


Having been absent from the 50th, Eccleston recorded a Doctor Who 60th anniversary story for Big Finish, which could see him cross the multiverse.

Christopher Eccleston has revealed details of his involvement in Doctor Who‘s 60th anniversary, and it supports the idea of ​​the TARDIS traveling the multiverse. Since leaving after just one season in 2005, Christopher Eccleston has yet to return to the screens as the Ninth Doctor. He briefly considered appearing on the show’s 50th anniversary special, doctor’s day, but ultimately turned it down. He returned to the role at Big Finish Studios, recording new audio adventures as the Ninth Doctor. It is through these audios that Eccleston will celebrate Doctor Who60th anniversary in 2023.


On stage at a convention, Eccleston teased his 60th birthday story, saying he’ll star alongside cult actor David Warner. Warner has a long history in science fiction and fantasy, with multiple roles in star trek and Doctor Who to his name. Warner has even played the Doctor himself in several audios for Big Finish, and it’s presumably this alternate Doctor who will meet Eccleston’s incarnation in 2023.

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There’s a long tradition of multi-doctor stories to celebrate Doctor Who birthdays, but Eccleston’s involvement in the 60th is a surprise. He previously stated that his Doctor is a one-man band that wouldn’t play well with his other incarnations. Given that David Warner’s Doctor is an unofficial alternate universe incarnation, the upcoming adventure doesn’t contradict Eccleston’s previous position. The David Warner incarnation of the Doctor and his “unbound” the universe has a surprisingly long history in Doctor Who derivative media and suggests that Doctor WhoThe 60th anniversary of will enter the multiverse.

Doctor Who History and David Warner’s Unrelated Doctor Explained

David Warner and Lisa Bowerman as Unrelated Doctor and Bernice Summerfield for Big Finish

It’s surprising that an actor with David Warner’s many cult credits hasn’t had a larger on-screen role in Doctor Who. Warner was suggested as a possible Seventh Doctor, and he was also considered to mentor Doctor Borusa in a dropped element of what would become Paul McGann’s TV movie. Although those roles never materialized, he eventually played pop-obsessed Soviet scientist Professor Grisenko in Mark Gatiss’ 2013 story Ice Warrior. Doctor Who season 7, episode 8 “Cold War”. However, it had a considerable impact on Doctor Who derivative media like the so-called Unbound Doctor.

Doctor Who: Unbound was a series of “What If?” style audio pieces commissioned for the show’s 40th anniversary in 2003. Scenarios included what would happen if the Valeyard defeated the Doctor, or what would happen if the Doctor believed the ends justified the means. David Warner’s doctor was, like Jon Pertwee’s, exiled to Earth by the Timelords, but to Hong Kong in the late 90s, rather than England in the 70s. Sympathy for the Devil, it was a bold update of Jon Pertwee-era tropes in the geopolitical setting of the 1990s that showed just how bad the world could be without the presence of the Doctor. It is the most popular of Unbound range and inspired many other adventures for Warner’s incarnation of the Doctor.

One of these adventures saw the Doctor and the Brigadier land on Skaro, where they help the Daleks and Thals work together against a greater enemy. Years later, Warner’s Doctor would be joined by the Seventh Doctor’s companion Bernice Summerfield when he inadvertently drags her into his universe. The two continue to travel together in audio, and Eccleston’s multi-doctor story can see them both interact with the Ninth Doctor.

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Does Doctor Who enter the multiverse on Eccleston’s 60th birthday?

Christopher Eccleston hasn’t revealed much about his 60th birthday story other than David Warner’s involvement and his own belief that Warner should have played the Doctor. This strongly implies that Doctor Unbound features in the anniversary adventure, giving Eccleston some actor insight into how Warner plays the character and how this was a missed opportunity for the series. In the most recent of Doctor Unbound’s adventures, he found his way through the “prime” Doctor Who universe. So it’s entirely possible that he’s capable of multiversal travel, which, surprisingly, has rarely been addressed in Doctor Who.

The multiverse was hinted at during the genocidal events of Doctor Who: Flow when Tecteun planned to escape to another universe after destroying the first one. This is similar to how Doctor Unbound escaped his own dying universe after being ravaged by a great war. Unleashed on the main universe, Doctor Unbound has already caught the attention of the Timelords, who judged him to have existed. This sets up an interesting dynamic for Eccleston and Warner’s upcoming story, especially as both doctors witnessed the devastation of war.

Maybe Warner’s Battle-Scarred Doctor Meets Eccleston In The Prime Doctor Who the universe and helps it come to terms with the scars of the time war. Perhaps the Ninth Doctor finds himself drawn into the Great War of the Unbound universe and uses his own experiments to prevent the destruction of this universe. Since this is an anniversary special, which usually has higher dramatic stakes, perhaps the two Doctors team up to stop the dying Unbound universe from invading the Prime universe in a Doctor Who spin on the MCU’s multiversal forays. Whatever happens, the perspective of an on-screen doctor and an alternate universe doctor teaming up offers a refreshing take on multi-doctor history and opens up the possibility of Doctor Who enter his own multiverse.

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