“Dramatic” art installation planned for the centenary of Ben Franklin Parkway


Colorful video projections will dance atop five colossal beaded domes that will be strategically sprinkled along the Parkway Museums District next winter as the centerpiece of the Ben Franklin Parkway centennial celebration.

The public art installation, the work of Los Angeles artist Jennifer Steinkamp, ​​is funded by a $ 1.25 million grant from the William Penn Foundation and was commissioned by Parkway 100 at museum district, the group behind the anniversary events of the year.

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Based on Steinkamp’s renderings and descriptions, the setup looks to be pretty epic.

The five architectural domes, each 7.5 feet high and 35 feet in diameter, will be covered with glass beads, producing a shimmering beauty during the day and providing a vintage cinema screen projection surface at night for the artist’s smooth video animations.

Jennifer Steinkamp / Winter fountains proposal, 2017

“Winter Fountains for the Parkway,” by artist Jennifer Steinkamp, ​​was commissioned by the Parkway Council with the Association for Public Art for Parkway 100 and with major support from the William Penn Foundation.

Here is a look at some Steinkamp’s exhibited works to get an idea of ​​its atmosphere.

You will find more information on the Ben Franklin Parkway Centennial Celebration, including information on exhibits and events. here.


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