Daredevil’s Watercolor Art Proves Alex Maleev Is A Cartoon Goat


One of Daredevil’s all-time great artists is celebrating the Man Without Fear by surprising fans with a gorgeous watercolor of the hero.

When it comes to capturing Marvel’s style and grace daredevilit doesn’t get any more dramatic than Alex MaleyevThe recent red and cream watercolor of The Man Without Fear, shared via the artist’s official Twitter. In his classic red suit, Matt Murdock looks exactly like the role of the tireless vigilante who has played a key role in recent comics and live-action stories.

Alongside Brian Michael Bendis’ writing, Alex Maleev’s art was a definitive piece of one of Daredevil’s most brutal and iconic runs, spanning from 2001 to 2006. Maleev would return a year later. late for another landmark number, Daredevil #100. Among his many achievements on this series, the cover of Daredevil #50 stands. An unmasked Murdock sits smirking on a throne, echoing the dark twist of the issue where Daredevil declares himself the new Kingpin of New York after brutally beating Wilson Fisk in front of his fellow criminals. Maleev also worked on Moon Knight, Spider-Woman, Infamous Iron Manand Batman: the dark knightamong other titles, and is currently collaborating with Bendis once again on Scarleta creator-owned title that has been released by both Marvel and DC.


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Maleev dropped his art on his Twittersaying, “I hear people talking about Daredevil. I will oblige with this creamy 14×19 watercolor piece.” His watercolor is a magnificent depiction of the superhero’s diligent watch and potential for violence in the name of defending Hell’s Kitchen. In this art, Daredevil floats against a featureless cream background with his head tilted downward and two batons behind him, the drip of watercolor skillfully accentuating his tough, lean muscles.

Daredevil has been Marvel’s most compelling hero of late, and his popularity is boosted by the cameos he and his arch-villain Kingpin have had in other hugely popular media. Matt Murdock made a brief appearance as Peter Parker’s lawyer in Spider-Man: No Coming Home and Kingpin appeared in Disney’s Hawk Eye. In the comics, Daredevil is at the center of one of Marvel’s biggest ongoing events, reign of the devil. Matt Murdock is indebted to his strong sense of justice, cultivated as both a vigilante and a lawyer, and recently finished serving time in prison for accidentally killing a man.

Since Maleev’s career expanded into many other projects after his time at daredevil, it was a pleasant surprise that his version of the Man Without Fear would emerge so unexpectedly. His art is unmistakably part of the character’s rich history and something fans will come across if they’re motivated to dig into a backlog of Daredevil’s best stories. This becomes all the more likely as fans await news of Daredevil’s future in the MCU after the hero starred in Marvel’s best TV show yet. His masterful use of watercolor which captures the spirit and physicality of daredevil showed that Alex Maleyev will forever be one of the greatest comic book artists, sharing a special bond with The man without fear.

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