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On-and-off Coronation Street couple Daniel (played by Rob Mallard) and Daisy (Charlotte Brown) haven’t had the smoothest relationship on the ITV soap opera, but they clearly have strong feelings for each other. However, Rob hinted that the producers will “make them suffer” in the upcoming scenes. He also teased a character who could return to the cobblestones – could this person return to Weatherfield to kill Daisy?

Rob opened up about the dramatic events that could be in store for his character when he appeared on the red carpet at the British Soap Awards.

Addressing Daniel and Daisy’s romance, the actor said: “She’s feisty and he can be, but when two people like that are together, they’re just going to keep fighting, breaking up and then getting back together. “

Viewers wondered if the couple would be able to make their relationship work for good on the ITV soap opera.

Rob explained, “I hope so, and they have a little family unit with each other, but I think the writers are a little more malicious than that.”

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If Daniel’s relationship grows stronger with Daisy and he lets his mother back into his life, what will she think of the bartender?

Could an unpredictable Denise have trouble getting close to Daisy who is known for her fiery and jealous personality?

Denise could do the unthinkable and murder Daisy to have Daniel all to herself.

Daniel would be heartbroken if anything happened to his beau, so his mother should think carefully before doing anything she might regret later.

In the past, Daniel pushed several characters down the stairs, so did he get his violent side from his mother?

Addressing throwing two characters down the stairs in recent years, Rob told The Mirror: “It’s becoming my MO, isn’t it? Apparently I have my own thing now.

“I would love to play the villain, but it’s a very quick exit from the show, isn’t it.”

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.


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