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Ali (played by James Burrows) is the biological son of Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh), who has had several stints on Coronation Street over the years. One of the most memorable storylines he was involved in made him jealous of his mother’s relationship with the boy she raised but didn’t give birth to, Ryan (Ryan Prescott). Before leaving the ITV soap in March 2020, the idol was on good terms with the man he now considers his brother, but with Ryan who got into huge trouble during Monday’s installment, it seems that the pair could team up to flee Weatherfield together.

The dramatic episode saw Ryan determined to rob the bistro after Debbie Webster (Sue Devaney) recruited him for her money-making scheme last week.

Ryan planned to use his half of the money to get off the cobbles and start a new life overseas, with the youngster keen to invest in a new bar with his friends.

Unfortunately, her plans seemed to stall when Debbie realized and decided she didn’t want to continue with the insurance fraud.

Unable to envision a future in Weatherfield, Ryan convinced his accomplice to go through with the plan and she did.

As the electricity went out in the casino night bistro, guests left the Rovers Return as Ryan went to work stealing the safe.

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Just as he was about to escape, Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) came in and turned the electricity back on when she realized someone had messed up the fuse box.

Ryan was forced into hiding but he didn’t realize the CCTV cameras had been reactivated and as a result he was filmed with the money from the safe.

The idol didn’t realize it, and by the end of the last episode, he was convinced he’d gotten away with the perfect heist.

Later this week he will be arrested as authorities review CCTV footage from the night of the robbery.

It will seem like Ryan is on his own as Debbie refuses to get drawn into the legal drama.

The final scene of them together could see the pair getting into a cab, heading to the airport, and hopefully flying under the police radar.

This could succeed as they go through passport control with fake identities, which means the UK authorities will never be able to find them.

Could the two men, once sworn enemies, finally be free of any drama in their lives?

Following his exit from the series, the actor who played Ali, James, hinted at why his character may never return to the cobblestones.

James explained, “Ali is a good man and he knows he’s gotten too many people in trouble,” so his decision to leave with Ryan would be perfectly plausible.

Speaking about his character’s final story, the actor who plays Ryan, Ryan, hinted that he might come out in the upcoming scenes.

The soap opera star said: “Four years ago when he came back to Weatherfield, I think he would have just cried to his mother and told the truth.

“But he’s a bit older now and he’s learned a lot from what’s happened over the past four years and he’s grounded himself in the people around him who have all turned their backs on him.

“So when Ronnie shows up for him and proves that even a stranger can support you, that shows him some morals and I think that will influence his decision on what to do.

“Ronnie is probably the first role model he’s had in his life since his mum left and it’s been years since he’s had a male father figure in his life, so that will be an interesting angle to explore. .”

Ryan added: “As an actor you have to try to relate to your character and I can see a younger part of me in Ryan and I feel for him.

“I feel like he has a good heart and he hasn’t really had the opportunity to show it, weirdly it could be that scary opportunity as it is.

“This could be a real moment of maturity for him.

“No one cares enough to hear his side of the story and he realizes in that moment that his family is gone and he’s very alone in this.”

So could Ryan leave the show after four years with Ali?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8 p.m. on ITV.


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