Carnes: Happy to replace that theory


The proverbial “they” want to undo anything they perceive as a threat to their way of life, whether real or imagined, but either way perpetuated recently in the media by professional fearmongers like an ex-president , Elise Stefanik, JD Vance and, of course, the perpetually confused Tucker Carlson.

Yes, the beloved far-right ideology of trying to rid the world of everything they don’t agree with right now through ‘cancel culture’ has a new whip to break, and it’s known as (point out the overly dramatic intro and weird music…) “Great Replacement Theory.”

It’s scary, right?

It’s exactly what he’s supposed to look like otherwise morons like Carlson wouldn’t be unable to alter the mindset of the Trumplican sheep so eager to be told what to be mad about this week so Fox can sell Viagra and gold coins as a “Biden inflation hedge.

Damn, this nonsense is getting old. In fact, he was old before he even started.

The “Great Replacement Theory” is best defined as the “White Replacement Theory” because the vast majority of those who claim such a theory exists are insecure white Christian males fearful of losing their vaulted stature atop the hierarchical pyramid of self-perceived white privilege. .

A theory is basically a rational idea used to justify an action or conclusion, and WRT is an insult to the word itself because it claims liberals, which means anyone who votes for a Democrat (and Jews, we don’t have to never omit Jews) is covertly collaborating to deliberately marginalize and replace white voters in order to achieve political goals.

A African American Methodist Episcopal Church in South Carolina, pennsylvania synagogues and California, mosques in new zealanda Walmart in Texas and now a supermarket in a black Buffalo neighborhood – all targets of homicidal gunmen advocating the xenophobic, racist and anti-Semitic poison of the WRT as the motivation for their respective cold-blooded and cowardly killings.

So why am I highlighting Tucker Carlson again?

Single: In April one New York Times investigation found that in over 400 of his shows, Carlson had advanced the idea that an “elite cabal wanted to impose demographic change through immigration”.

That’s why.

The man has been a constant promoter of this particularly vile right-wing extremist school of thought, and innocent people are being murdered as a result.

Yes. Yes, we all know and agree that guns kill, but make no mistake, words can and do kill too, and like President Joe Biden said last week: ‘White supremacy is poison’. and no one sells snake oil more successfully than Carlson, and those with equally warped agendas.

And their so-called theories should all be replaced.


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