Bryton James (Devon, Y&R) gives insight into his alter ego


What do you like / dislike about your character? “What I like about Devon is also what I don’t like about him. They are the same and the most different from me. He does not think before acting or speaking. He doesn’t have that filter, so it allows him to have some pretty exciting confrontations and situations but it can also come back and bite him. Everything he says or does comes from a good place, especially when it comes to the people he loves. It certainly makes for a more dramatic life than mine.

What are its strengths according to you? “Certainly his loyalty and courage. I think he’s also naturally kind-hearted. It’s like his fault. It’s second nature to him.

What do you see as its weaknesses? “As I mentioned before, he acts or speaks before he thinks. There are also his sensitivities and the triggers for his upbringing. He felt abandoned by his mother, so it took a while for him to trust people again. I think he’s always a little afraid that someone will drop him.

Which family member is your character closest to? “Definitely Lily. She was the first in the Winters family to reach out to Devon and help him feel someone cared about him. She made him believe that she wouldn’t stop loving him just because he had rough edges.

What has been your character’s best work? “I would say an internship at Newman Enterprises, where he got a taste of the corporate world and got involved with the big hitters of Genoa City. He worked hard to earn their trust and showed responsibility. Coming from the background he did, working at Newman was a great foundation for him to start.

What other profession would you like to see your character tackle? “Devon would be good at counseling the kids who are going through what he’s been through. He has enough life experience to write a few self-help books. Since he’s come to a healthy and good place, I think he could offer a lot of help to people who would only take advice from someone who understands their struggles and what they’ve been through. I think he could really relate to young children and teenagers.

Who is your character’s best friend? “Abby. She’s been there for Devon, back when Emme [Rylan] played it. At the time, the show was taking a romantic direction with these characters, but they’ve shifted gears. Abby funded Devon’s first music business, which many people forget.

Who is your character’s enemy? “Colin Atkinson is the No.1 enemy of Devon. Colin drugged Devon to make it look like he was cheating on Hilary, and Colin blackmailed Devon several times and then stole Devon’s fortune through an elaborate scam. Colin is bad news!

Who was the love of your character’s life? “Hilary, although I first had to understand why Devon loved her because she was such a drama starter. I think Devon loved Hilary because of the chaos she would bring into her life. She could be brash and reactionary like Devon.

Who does your character turn to for advice? “I think it’s Amanda now because she’s very level-headed and really thinks about what to say and do. This is what makes her a top lawyer.

What life event affected your character the most? “Getting adopted by Neil and Drucilla.” It was the start of Devon’s learning that love is real which really changed her life. It was even bigger than when he inherited all that money from Katherine. Being part of a real family made Devon feel worthy and laid the foundation for the rest of her life.

How has your character changed / evolved since you started playing him? “At first Devon had a huge chip on his shoulder and was still angry. I remember when I first started playing Devon I made a point of never smiling. He had a difficult life so he didn’t trust anyone, but this love of the Winters family and everyone who embraced him afterwards eventually made him quite an easy-going and loving person.

If your character could go back in time and change a decision they made, what would it be? “Be honest with Neil about how Devon felt for Hilary before she married her father.” It would still have broken Neil’s heart, but at least Devon wouldn’t have had an affair with her behind her father’s back. Devon always regretted it. Even after that, Neil was supportive of Devon, and he’s a real dad.

What three words best describe your character? “Loyal, courageous and kind. “

What do you think is the typical story of your character? “Being deaf because the fans remembered this more than anything I did. I remember taking a sign language course at my college even though Devon wasn’t using it. Anyone could hear him speak, but I wanted to learn with everyone in the script, just to be a team player. His relationship with Hilary is right behind.

What comment / question do you receive the most from fans about your character? “Previously, ‘Are you really deaf and is that thing on your head [the cochlear implant apparatus] real?’ Now it’s more because they miss Hilary and Devon together, or Elena and Devon.

What has been the happiest / worst time in your character’s life? “When he lived with the Winters it was his happiest time, but I think he felt he had it all when he married Hilary. The worst thing would be to lose Drucilla and Hilary. were very important women in his life and each changed him after losing them.

Who dresses best – you or your character? “Depends on your definition of better.” I dress more comfortably than Devon. There was a period where he wore costumes all the time, which I absolutely loved. I’ve always wanted a job where I wore a suit. But I still think I dress better than Devon because if I was a billionaire I would dress exactly the way I dress now: comfortable and stylish.

Who has a better house – you or your character? “I would say Devon. He not only lives in a great penthouse, but he owns the entire building where his penthouse is located. I think his house needs a little makeover as there is still a lot going on inside from when he and Hilary were together. Maybe Amanda will put her own stamp on it.

Which character would you like to bring back and who would your character like to see again in Genoa City? “I would love to see his sister Ana again because that would mean Loren Lott would return to play the part. Loren is one of the best people you can meet. His wit, energy, personality and heart are second to none. And her talent is insane, she is such a phenomenal singer. And her comedic timing and her wit is amazing. She was perfect for the show. Her character was only gone, so she could always come back. I think Devon would like her mom , Yolanda, come back. She’s technically a grandmother now, so it would be a great time for Devon to share her child with her mother.

What do you and your character miss most about Neil, the father of the late Kristoff St. John / Devon? “I miss sharing the stage with Kristoff so much. He was such a big ball of energy and brought something to the show that we’ve been missing since he left. He is irreplaceable. And Devon misses Neil’s advice and he could tell his dad whatever. “


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