Bruce Banner will build a new world of Hulks


In Marvel Comics’ latest Hulk issue, it’s possible that Bruce Banner has discovered a whole new mission and purpose in another dimension.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Hulk #3

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics Pontoon, Bruce Banner may have already found his new purpose now that he’s left the main Marvel Universe for another dimension. In his new series, Banner has transformed his green half into a spaceship, restructuring his mind so that he’s always in control from a “bridge” in his mind, putting himself in the captain’s chair. Now Starship Hulk has found a new world with a variant of itself that has never been exposed to gamma radiation. Although something far worse has happened, this might just be the new direction Bruce has been looking for.


In previous issues of the new Marvel Pontoon series by Donny Cates and Ryan Ottley, Banner was blamed for a devastating event in El Paso, Texas. That’s what prompted the Hulk’s dramatic transformation into a spaceship, offering Bruce a way out of the Marvel Universe to become something new: “I’m leaving because none of you will know how to handle what I’ll become.” However, as the Hulk traveled through interspace, he was pulled into another dimension, discovering that he had been captured by an alternate version of himself.

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Now, Hulk #3 reveals that this alternate Bruce Banner and his own gamma experiment was a success, paving the way for the world to become gamma as he had always dreamed of. However, this instead led to a global crisis where his g-bomb was taken from him and used for war. While it has transformed the United States into a massive empire, the excess radiation can turn victims into Hulks (although the military classifies them as “abominations”). However, they don’t stay in this world very long. As such, it’s possible that Banner is trying to save them, creating a new world of Hulks.


Although the creation of a planet of Hulks is only a theory, Banner has the means and the motive to save them from the void between dimensions. Naturally, he was quite angry that this world considered Hulks to be throwaway abominations. Additionally, Banner may take up this particular world in future issues to serve as his foundation, seeing as the President of the United States is none other than his longtime rival Thunderbolt Ross. Anyway, we can imagine that Ross will not be in charge for very long.

While Banner might as well go to war with Ross before moving on, there’s something intriguing about World of Hulks. Starship Hulk embarking on a rescue mission to rescue all gamma beings in the void certainly has narrative potential. Anyway, Marvel is new Pontoon series is certainly audacious and surprising.

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