Bob Odenkirk’s Theory of Kim’s Fate Is Better Than His Death


Many think Better Call Saul’s Kim Wexler is destined to die before Breaking Bad begins, but star Bob Odenkirk has a better idea.

Kim Wexler could look doomed to die before the end of You better call Saul, but star Bob Odenkirk has a better idea of ​​his fate. One of the best spinoffs in television history, You better call Saul offered to those who miss breaking Bad a chance to track down and see the origin stories of many of their favorite characters, including Saul Goodman himself, Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus Fring, and more. However, it also introduced great characters in their own right, such as Chuck McGill, Howard Hamlin, and, of course, Kim Wexler.

As You better call Saul progressed, Kim (Rhea Seehorn) saw the spotlight on her grow bigger and bigger, with Kim at this point almost as important to the show as Saul/Jimmy. Go in You better call Saul season 6, Kim seems to be turning more and more to the dark side, to the point that even Saul is alarmed. Naturally, this decentralization makes more and more viewers believe that death is the logical end of Kim’s story arc.


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When asked about Kim’s possible fate at the end of You better call Saul in the summer of 2021, Odenkirk disagreed with the idea that she would eventually die, instead offering her own theory. While Odenkirk says he prefers not to be informed of creative plans well in advance, he believes that when breaking Bad, Kim will still live in Albuquerque and still practice law. He also thinks that Saul and Kim will still cross paths occasionally, which would partly fuel his desire to become a success and remain in the public eye.

While Odenkirk’s idea of ​​what should happen to Kim Wexler isn’t necessarily the most dramatic or compelling way for her to end up at the end of You better call Saul, that’s always a better way than killing her. For one, many You better call Saul viewers have assumed Kim has been screwed for years now, with some even going back to the start of the series. After all, if she is still alive during the events of breaking Bad, why is she never shown during them? At the same time, the widely predicted nature of its impending demise means that You better call Saul deciding to leave her alive would actually be the more surprising option.

On another level, Seehorn managed to make Kim one of the most interesting characters in the whole story. breaking Bad universe through his multi-faceted performances. Whether or not it is another breaking Bad fallout – outside of animation Slip Jimmy – to follow You better call Saulthe conclusion, the breaking Bad the world is better served having Kim in it than not. Leaving Kim alive also leaves the door open for the even more surprising move of her role in what happens to Saul’s increasingly paranoid “Gene” identity in Omaha. If Kim is still practicing law in the present, as Odenkirk suggests, perhaps a desperate Saul will ask Kim for help, after the two haven’t spoken to each other for years. It’s a much more intriguing path than just killing Kim.

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