BLACKPINK’s Chrome Gem nail art is an ode to excess


Nail art has had a quiet downfall. Fall’s biggest nail trends have been decidedly more muted after summer’s most viral manicure, glazed donut nails, also known as chrome nails, set a slightly muted on-trend tone. With variations of chrome and metallic manicures reigning supreme, the vibe was quite minimalistic. However, BLACKPINK’s latest manicure from Jisoo might just be a game-changer. Her recent chrome gemstone nail art throws minimalism out the window.

On Thursday, October 6, nail artist and Unistella salon founder Park Eun Kyung posted a photo of Jisoo sporting some seriously over-the-top chrome nails created by Unistella nail artist Borah. Borah’s design took the celebrity-loved chrome finish to a whole new level by adorning the singer’s gleaming fingernails with massive gemstones. If decadence came in a form of nail art, this is what it would look like.

Excess is everywhere in this manicure, from the size of the stones to their number. No two gems are the same and each has been placed in an asymmetrical and organic tableau, creating a fluid and slightly chaotic ambiance. Considering all the opulence, it’s safe to say this is a mani of weight. It’s worth noting that underneath the gems, Jisoo’s nails were perfectly glazed in an almost golden ombré that’s so shiny and sheer you can see through the polish.

The BLACKPINK lead singer’s bling didn’t stop at her cuticles. Along with her gem-encrusted fingernails, Jisoo also wore three thick, luxurious rings. No one can guess how she even managed to get them to get her manicure done, but she radiates the main character’s energy.

Jisoo is no stranger to big, dramatic manicures and, notably, she didn’t get the minimal fall nail art memo. On September 21, Eun Kyung shared a photo of Jisoo’s vibrant watercolor nails, also done by Borah. The long, square-shaped nails were awash in pink, purple, blue, and orange. Rather than mixing the different colors, the varnish is layered for a graphic effect reminiscent of a watercolor painting.

Jisoo’s nails don’t go on summer vacation. On August 21, Eun Kyung posted another one of Jisoo’s magic manicures. Black nails, decorated with iridescent butterflies, flowers and leaves, have a haunted forest vibe, and pearl accents elevate the look from nail art to fine art. If you’re looking for out-of-this-world nail inspiration, you need to add Jisoo to the mood board for your next manicure.

Despite the recent shift towards more relaxed nail art, excess dripping nails never really go out of style. 3D nail charms have long been favorites of celebrities like Dua Lipa, Megan Thee Stallion and Kali Uchis. Fingers crossed that Jisoo’s chrome gem brings those opulent nails back into the limelight just in time for the holidays.


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