Big Bang Theory’s Darkest Howard/Bernie Theory Makes Sense (But Is Too Wild)


A fan theory hints at a grim possibility regarding Howard and Bernadette’s relationship on The Big Bang Theory, but it might be too wild to be true.

A dark theory about Howard (Simon Helberg) and Bernadette (Melissa Rauch) on The Big Bang Theory makes sense, but it may be too wild to be true. While Penny (Kaley Cuoco) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) were the sitcom’s first love couple, the first couple to marry were the Wolowitzes. Howard and Bernadette’s romance has been a whirlwind, leaving fans wondering about certain aspects of their relationship.

When Howard debuted on The Big Bang Theory, he liked to portray himself as a ladies’ man. He relentlessly flirted with Penny and even Sheldon’s (Jim Parsons) sister, Missy (Courtney Henggeler). Despite this, it’s clear he had no idea how women were approached, particularly when it was revealed he had a borderline inappropriate relationship with his mother, Ms Wolowitz. But that all changed when he started dating Bernadette. He was so smitten that the couple rushed to get married before Howard was sent into space on a mission. They ended up starting a family and were blessed with two children.


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Howard and Bernadette’s arc was arguably the most traditional on The Big Bang Theory. But one particular dark theory suggests that all was not what it seemed between the two. Instead of a healthy, loving relationship, the hypothesis suggests that Howard originally created Bernadette to be his sex robot until she developed human consciousness and the pair fell in love. There are three things that support this claim: First, Howard was an engineer, so he knew how to build things. He had tried building robots before, one of which he thought he could use for sexual pleasure. It didn’t work out as Leonard ad Raj (Kunal Nayyar) had to rush him to the ER when it malfunctioned. But that doesn’t mean Howard has stopped trying altogether. Second, Bernadett looked so much like Mrs. Wolowitz that it may have been an intentional part of his design, given Howard’s close relationship with his mother. And third, Bernadette was the only woman who wasn’t pushed away by Howard when they first met.

Howard and Bernadette in Season 8

Despite these factors, given the arc of the Wolowitzes in The Big Bang Theory, it’s just doubtful that it’s something they would do secretly. The show’s storylines were generally rooted in science; in fact, they even had real-world physicist consultants to make their stories as realistic as possible. Admittedly, they sometimes had to fictionalize certain aspects of the sitcom for dramatic or comedic purposes, they were more or less attached to what was happening in the real world. Casting Bernadette as a sex robot who eventually developed her consciousness into a full-fledged character, got pregnant, and even gave birth twice just seems too wild to The Big Bang Theory. Although that’s such an interesting thought for fans.

Bernadette is not the first time The Big Bang Theory the character is assumed to be a robot, however. Due to Sheldon’s lack of social and emotional abilities, many initially thought Jim Parsons’ beloved character was also not a human being. Over time, that changed, especially as fans learn more about his childhood in Young Sheldon.

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