Bachelor of Drama


Type of establishment : University/higher education institution
Level: First cycle
CRICO: 02664K

This degree provides an in-depth introduction to all major aspects of theater and rigorous training in a specialization – performance, production, or theater practice. Performers develop consistent skill and confidence in all aspects of directing, whether in theater or in front of a camera. Production students develop strong stage management, design, and directing skills suitable for a variety of theatrical careers. Theater practice leads to proficiency in both acting and theatrical production suitable for a diversity of supporting roles. Theatrical productions are a regular feature everywhere. Industry internships include acting training abroad in Hollywood. Specialized studies are layered with the exploration of a Christian worldview that supports personal and professional ethics and social responsibility.


  • A first-year common core prepares students for their choice of major study. Thereafter, acting, voice and movement provide a linear development of process and exploration for performers.
  • production students receive extensive practical and theoretical training in many aspects of theater production and direction, specializing in one of these elements
  • Theater Practice students study both performance and production units to develop comprehensive skills, knowledge, and experience appropriate for teaching and community theater. Elective courses allow students to explore avenues of career interest or relevance.


  • Acting
  • Design (set, lighting, sound, costume)
  • Direction
  • Movement
  • Performance
  • Production
  • Projects (Film, Theater, Performance, Production)
  • scene management
  • history of theater
  • theater practice
  • Voice
  • Script writing
  • Direction
  • Production of videos and films.

Standard entry requirements

  • Grade 12 or equivalent
  • Hearing and interview.

Study path

Credits are awarded for equivalent prior studies and/or demonstrated equivalent prior learning. Graduates can apply for admission to postgraduate courses at Australian and overseas universities. The Bachelor of Drama provides a pathway into teaching – earning a higher education qualification allows candidates to teach in the Australian government and independent primary and secondary schools.


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