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Voices have been laid bare for the smooth opening of the Australian Musical Theater Festival. Launceston College students and artist Abbey Hansson took to the Brisbane Street Mall on Saturday to share some love for musical theater ahead of the festival opening on May 19. Hansson, known for her leading roles in musical theater, including Elphaba in Wicked, said it was exciting to have the Australian Musical Theater Festival in Tasmania. “Especially through everything that’s happened over the last year and a bit, I think the theater is the one thing that really struggled, not just the performers but the audience members as well,” a- she declared. IN OTHER NEWS: “[Audiences] I really like going out and being able to watch that stuff, and getting taken away that was really hard. “We feel that love for theater again, and I’m so grateful to be able to be a part of it this year.” Hansson said the festival was important for anyone who needed the extra encouragement to enter the world of theater. “One thing leads to another and you’re addicted, obsessed with it,” she said. Hansson’s talents can be appreciated during Once in a Blue Moon and Ghostlight. However, she will only be one of many talents included in the festival, with acclaimed director Roger Hodgman making several appearances on the program as well. Hodgman has a long list of references that go with his name and will bring his experiences to share with others at the festival. The Hobart-born director has always had an interest in theater and plays, which led him to fall in love with the idea of ​​the theater. “I did my first directorial gig when I was about 15,” he said. During his career, Hodgman served as artistic director at the Vancouver Playhouse, where he directed two productions with acclaimed playwright Tennessee Williams, a highlight of his career, he said. “There are a number of productions that I watch with great affection,” Hodgman said. “But it is difficult to choose which particular one.” Hodgman has worked on over 125 productions, but he didn’t stop there, also adding TV shows such as Wentworth, A Place to Call Home and Packed to the Rafters to his roster. Hodgman was invited by Australian Musical Theater Festival executive producer Tyran Parke to bring his experience to the event, after the two had known each other “for some time.” “I’m very impressed with Tyrant’s ambitions with the festival. I think he’s determined to make it a really big part of the Australian music scene,” Hodgman said. “[The festival will be] a great opportunity for people to share ideas, get wet again and start working again. The director will teach directing, help develop a new musical, host an audition panel and be interviewed about his career during the festival. “There’s no way you really teach people to realize, it’s something that you either have or don’t have,” he said. “But, you can have experiences that help you develop yourself. I hope to pass on some of the good and bad things. [from] over the years. “Hodgman said that although the staging was at times” a strange and lonely place, “he found immense joy in the planning and rehearsal stages. With many festival guests on the way now and in the next week things start at “Next week the best of Broadway and the West End are coming to this amazing city to deliver a vibrant and energetic program,” he said. “At the center of it are our local artists, who will mingle and learn from the best in the world and maybe even discover themselves. “This weekend’s costume show and presentation marks the start of our celebration in the heart of the city, bringing a bit of theatrical magic to central Launceston.” Mr Parke said it was great to finally see the festival come to life after months of discussion, planning and conversation. The festival will take place from May 19 to 23. For more information, visit




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