Arcs takes Space Opera board games to a whole new level


Leder Games has launched the Kickstarter for its highly anticipated space opera game Bows. The new Kickstarter launched yesterday and is fast approaching the $1 million mark, having hit $831,000 at press time. Bows was designed by Cole Wehrle and Kyle Ferrin, the design team behind the hit Root and the famous Oath: Chronicle of Empire and Exile. However, although both of these games have a distinct fantasy theme, Bows takes players into space as rulers of a dying space empire beset by a galactic plague.

In bows, players will try to bring their space empire into a new era by completing different objectives. While all players start with the same set of resources, their choices early in the game (especially when deciding what to prioritize) will ultimately send players in very different directions.

Each turn, players use a turn-taking mechanism to determine what actions to take by using cards with one of four icons on them. The main player takes their turn, performing the number of actions on any card they play. Other players can choose to copy this action (meaning they perform a single action that matches the action performed by the main player), follow this action by playing a higher numbered card, allowing them to perform more of the same action as the main player. main player, or they can “pivot” by playing an offsuit card. Pivoting allows a player to perform a different action once during that turn. Players can also “take the initiative” by sacrificing a second card, which guarantees that they will be the leader in the next turn. As players complete their objectives, they accumulate power, and the player with the most power at the end of the game wins.

In addition to the base game, Bows will also have a campaign extension, which takes place over three sessions. The results of an individual session determine the state of the board in the next game, making the decisions made in a game even more important in the long run.

A copy of the base game of Bows will be sent to backers who pledge at least $60. A $100 pledge gives players the base set of Bows and extension of the campaign.

The Kickstarter for Bows will remain open until June 14.


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