KO Media is delighted to unveil the September issue of ELLE Canadawith British singer-songwriter Adele. The multi-Grammy award-winning star finally opens with the difficult decision to cancel his residency in Las Vegas at Colosseum at Caesars Palace. “The first two months were really, really tough,” she says. The star dives into how she went into hiding after the dramatic announcement of the cancellation on Instagram, her reasons for doing so and how the last-minute decision actually “did [her] trust in [herself] growing up because it was a very brave thing to do. During the intimate interview at her home in July, just weeks away from her half-decade hiatus, Adele opened up about the incredible arrangement she and her former partner have regarding co-parenting their son and even sprung on to be madly in love– and joked about being single (for now) –with her new man, sports agent rich paul. But all was not light. The singer explained in detail how to endure the the lowest points of his career, feeling lonely, having anxiety attacks and finding yourself through fitness and kickboxing. Now Adele is on her way back to Las Vegas, and the response has been better than she could have imagined.

With the strongest rays of the summer season behind us, it’s time to stock up on moisturizing foundations and skin-perfecting serums to help restore our skin after all the sand and sun we’ve indulged in. For readers trying to retain heat as long as possible, we take a look at The hottest spots in Barcelona, highlighting where to stay, what to eat and where to find the best shops in the Catalan city. And nothing says endless summer like the fresh, romantic scent of roses, which are the highlight of the French estate of Lancôme and its timeless fragrance line.

Looking forward, our biggest trend reports have the inside scoop on what you’ll want to wear and how you’ll want to wear your hair and makeup for the fall season. And with the inevitable return (at least in part) to the office, the baggy, fluid, oversized power suit—inspired by Yves Saint Laurent, Martin Margiela and Yohji Yamamoto—has made its way from the catwalks to our closets. Workwear has finally gone from form-fitting and structured to loose and comfortable, think Zendaya in Valentino’s latest ad campaign. Just add this season’s neon liner, bold lips and big accessories, and “What should I wear to work?” will rarely be a question in the morning. However, returning to the office is not without a change in work-life balance. Val Desjardins, our new health and wellness contributor, explains her holistic approach adopt new habits and seek daily pleasuremaking the transition to a new normal a breeze.

This issue also covers women empowerment. We spoke to a multiple Juno-winning R&B artist Savannah Re about his new album as well as the best-selling author Lisa Taddeo about how she helps readers deal with feelings of loneliness and grief. We also have advice for Canadian women on how to ask for a raise or a promotion – and get it too – and we chatted with the actor Myha’la Herrold to feel bold, confident and empowered in their career. But empowerment isn’t just career-focused; non-binary and transgender people are starting to feel more empowered through their hair. New salons are ditching old-fashioned binary haircuts and opting for more inclusive services, allowing everyone to express themselves through their hair.

On the in front of fashionto become south african designer Lukhanyo Mdingi creates a legacy through their designs and uses the skills of local people to create their brand blueprint. And we take a closer and more critical look at the well-meaning trend of donating clothes. What we have discovered is that a large majority of these parts end up in the oceans, on the beaches and in the landfills of other countries, such as Ghana. This piece makes us rethink the Instagram trend of having a different outfit for every post, the ethics of fast-fashion companies like Shein, and how we can reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to our closets.


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