A Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has a theory about ‘Time Variant’ Pokemon


The announcement of pokemon scarlet and Pokémon VioletLegendary Pokemon has created a very spicy talk among fans. Koraidon and Miraidon, just like the Pokemon Professors Sada and Turo are divided between what are considered “old” and “future” forms. Pokemon fans then postulate that it makes sense for other Pokémon to follow in Koraidon and Miraidon’s footsteps. It means that pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet could feature both old and future regional variants of Pokemon.


For those unfamiliar with Japanese, Koraidon and Miraidon make association with the past and future very simple. The word “korai” in Japanese means “old” and the word “mirai” means “future”. This is also mostly clear based on the Legendary Pokemon aesthetic, with Miraidon being a robotic dragon with jet engines. Koraidon is less overtly ancient, but looks more natural due to its plumes and antennae.

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Likewise, the Pokemon Teachers for pokemon scarlet and Pokémon VioletMatching names also reflect this dichotomy of past and future as well. Professor Sada’s name in Spanish comes from “pasada”, which means “past”. Professor Turo’s name is taken from the Spanish word “future”, which obviously means future. Professor Sada was also described as having a “cave woman” style with leather sandals, tattered tears on her clothes and even fangs. Professor Turo, in turn, wears what looks like some sort of futuristic bodysuit. He seems to come from tron.

It only makes sense that if this past/future theme is so consistent across the board that it would also transition to Pokemon. Game Freak even has options for this. This could create old forms for Pokemon that already fit the theme and future forms for Pokemon that make sense. Alternatively, Game Freak could choose Pokémon and create ancient and future forms of them.

Another option that pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet could employ is to create a new style of Mega Evolution or a different style of Gigantamax feature. Game Freak is said to be able to create new larger-than-life shapes, though additional regional shapes are still popular as well.

It’s exciting to think of the number of possibilities that have been created from the revelations of pokemon scarlet and Pokémon VioletPokémon and legendary teachers. These past revelations Pokemon generations, while amusing in themselves, did not carry such dramatic weight for them. As to whether one of Pokemon fan theories turn out to be true, they’ll find out in the months to come.

pokemon scarlet and Pokémon Violet out November 18 on Switch.

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