10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kirito And Eugeo’s Friendship


Sword Art Online (ODS) has presented many action-packed arcs to its viewers and readers throughout its ongoing run. Since its release a decade ago, the franchise has continued to generate interest as creators continue to release new content. Its success paved the way for more unique game-themed isekai anime like Log Horizon Where No game no life.

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Since the release of Alicization of the project and Hell War arc, the story of childhood best friends, Kirito, Eugeo, and Alice was told. The anime skipped many parts of the light novel due to financial limitations, but was able to feature it on other platforms like the ODS video games.

10/10 The two are incredibly inseparable

The SAO Unleash Blade The game revealed that Kirito and Eugeo eat dinner together at their respective homes and even take care of each other when they are sick. It just showed how close their friendship was and how inseparable the two were.

Their sacred task of chopping down the demon tree also contributed to why they are still together. Even after their abrupt separation and Alice broke the taboo clue, the two were still attracted to each other until Eugeo’s death.

9/10 The feeling of ease and nostalgia never left

After their dramatic reunion, Kirito and Eugeo felt comfortable with each other even after their memories were suppressed. Eugeo even found himself telling Kirito about his deepest secret regarding his regrets for not being able to save Alice after she committed a taboo index.

In the anime, Eugeo even said, “Sorry for discussing something so weird. I don’t feel like I just met you.” Kirito then shared with Eugeo that they were from the same village and how he had seen fragments of their lost memories together when they were children.

8/10 Eugeo never discovered that Kirito’s skills came from SAO

During the entire time Kirito and Eugeo were together, Kirito had no memory of his life outside of the virtual world. All he knew, as evidenced by the anime, was that he lived in a virtual fantasy simulation and was a skilled swordsman.

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During his first interaction with Jink, Kirito displayed his skill in wielding a sword, leading Eugeo to believe that he may have been a sentry from a large city. It wasn’t until long after Eugeo’s death that Kirito regained his memories.

7/10 Alice rekindled Kirito and Eugeo’s friendship

In an attempt to save Seika from the goblins, Kirito saw fragmented visions of Alice while healing Eugeo after the battle. An apparition of Alice also appeared, telling him that she was waiting for them at the top of the tower.

After Kirito and Eugeo recovered, they found themselves in front of the Demon Tree. Kirito showed Eugeo that after defeating the Goblin Leader, they gained the ability to deal heavy damage to the Demon Tree using the Blue Rose Sword. This sparked hope, and they bonded over the common cause of finding Alice.

6/10 Kirito was Eugeo’s inspiration and motivation

Kirito’s strength inspired Eugeo to work harder so that they could one day find Alice. In the light novel, he asked him about his swordsmanship skills and what kind of occupation Kirito must be so good with a sword.

Thanks to Kirito, Eugeo learned how to wield a sword, which gave him the opportunity to finally deliver a final blow to the famous demon tree. With the help of his friend, he learned a new skill and decided to follow in Kirito’s footsteps to become a swordsman. They ventured together to Swordcraft Academy in order to improve their skills.

5/10 The flowers symbolize Kirito and Eugeo’s friendship

Two years after successfully chopping down the Gigas Cedar Tree or Demon Tree, the two enrolled in the North Centoria Imperial Swordcraft Academy. In one scene, Kirito grew zephyr flowers in the school garden, while Eugeo accompanied him.

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In the video game version, they planted the flowers together to gift their mentors as their graduation rites approached. After Raios killed the flowers, Kirito cried over them. It reminded him that Eugeo was his friend and only family in the underworld instead of his real world relatives.

4/10 Eugeo was Kirito’s Asuna in the Underworld

The main storyline portrays Asuna as the one who supported Kirito before entering Eugeo’s world. Being stuck in a virtual civilization erased Kirito’s memories. When he got stuck in the Underworld, Eugeo took over Asuna’s role.

Eugeo became her confidant to rely on for support, much like Asuna was in their previous games together. From healing each other to supporting each other no matter what, Eugeo played that role perfectly. That’s probably why he considered him a brother, partner and friend.

3/10 Eugeo and Asuna are the most important people in Kirito’s life

In the anime, Kirito, Asuna, and Alice were recognized as heroes of the underworld. Meanwhile, Eugeo was shown for a brief moment. This paid tribute to all his contributions during the war, as well as Kirito’s life.

Kirito treasured Eugeo’s presence and existence, as well as his loved ones like Asuna. This is why after receiving Eugeo’s forgiveness, Kirito was able to pull himself together and finally end Vassago. Without Eugeo, there’s no way for Kirito to grow strong enough, let alone end the war in the underworld.

2/10 An alternate universe where no one died

The author, Kawahara Reki, wrote an alternate “palace-cleansing” timeline where Kirito and Eugeo weren’t required to break the Taboo Index. Eventually, they were promoted to apprentice knights of integrity. This timeline is called the Cake timeline.

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In this spinoff, Kirito and Eugeo found a way to solve all the problems they were having. By baking and serving cakes, they overcame all conflicts with Quinella (the Administrator), the Cardinal, as well as the impending war against The Dark Territory. No one was to die while their friendship blossomed even more through Cake’s power.

1/10 Eugeo and Kirito will meet again

In the Unital Ring arc, Kirito, Asuna, and Alice isekai’d into the new modern underworld. They’re left with all their gear gone, their levels reverted to level one, and many of their hard-earned skills reset.

A Eugeo doppelganger showed up as Eolyn to fight alongside them. Since the light novel is still in progress, only limited information is available at this time. Audiences only see snippets, so there’s no guarantee that this version of Eugeo is the same or different.

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