10 Quotes That Perfectly Summarize Amy As A Character


Since the end of The Big Bang TheoryMayim Bialik (Amy Farrah Fowler) has been busy with her sitcom call me kat and was recently announced as the voice of The BOOTH on The Inspector Chronicles. Even more recently, Mayim has just been hired as one of the permanent animators of Danger!

As Mayim’s career continues to grow since her time at The Big Bang Theory, fans will forever miss her time as Amy. Amy’s character has changed tremendously over the years after going from a low-key neuroscientist to an outgoing, cheerful member of the friend group. Although characters like Sheldon and Penny were praised for their hilarious quotes, Amy had plenty of quotes that summed up her character perfectly, setting her apart from the rest of her friends.


ten “I just wanted to have a good time with you. Maybe dance with someone who has arms.

“The Equivalence of the Ball”

In “The Prom Equivalency”, the group of friends decided to have a prom as adults. Because most of the group members had difficult prom experiences, they organized their own prom on the roof of the building.

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Amy, in particular, wanted to do a prom since she now had a boyfriend in Sheldon and could have a romantic slow dance. She told Sheldon that at her prom she danced with a mop. Quotes like these have made fans feel sorry for Amy, but this backstory is a popular part of her backstory that sums up her character.

9 “My mother used to say, ‘When you do a puzzle, it’s like having a thousand friends.'”

“The Scavenging Vortex”

Whenever Amy and Howard got together, they had an amazing time as friends on TBBT. They didn’t have too many one-on-one scenes, but each time they did, their quirky differences made their scenes one of the best on the show.

The first time fans discovered their friendship was in “The Scavenger Vortex” when they were paired up for a scavenger hunt. During one of the activities, Amy said something her mother used to share with her to make her feel better about not having many friends. The hilarious thing about this was that no matter how sad Amy’s backstory was, the delivery of her past still made for a funny quote due to how far it went.

8 “I don’t mind. I hope to put his love of rehearsal to good use one day.

“Proximity to the workplace”

Many Sheldon Cooper memes sum up his character, including the number of times he knocked on Penny’s door. One of Sheldon’s quirks was that every time he knocked on a door, he knocked three times in a row to make his presence known. Sheldon finally revealed the disturbing background to this oddity, but Amy never seemed to care about the beatings that bothered so many.

Amy jokingly mentioned that she loved Sheldon’s love of rehearsal because she hoped it would be put to “good use one day”. Amy often joked about sex (or lack thereof) with Sheldon, so this quote perfectly described her character.

seven “My hips don’t open more than 22 degrees. I rode a very thin pony once. On the first bump, I jumped straight away.”

“The Disintegration of Space Prob”

In “The Space Prob Disinegration”, the foursome decided to do something as a group. Since men usually chose the activity, women were responsible for what they would do instead. During the brainstorm, Penny suggested they go horseback riding.

As usual, Amy had a hilarious response to Penny’s suggestion, noting that she was unable to open her hips “more than 22 degrees”. Amy’s sad and lonely past crept into her present, but she always shed light on the situation and didn’t dwell on the negative because she had such a positive future with Sheldon and his friends. It’s jokes like this that have made Amy and Penny one of the best friendships in the world. TBBT.

6 “Better !”

“The Marital Metric”

If there was one quote that summed up Penny and Amy’s friendship, it would be this one. Amy has always referred to Penny as her best friend or “best friend”. However, Penny didn’t always reciprocate that emotion. The two were close and did everything together, but Penny wasn’t so open to Amy being her best friend. That’s until Amy gets engaged.

When Penny learned that Amy was considering asking Bernadette to be her bridesmaid, something changed. She realized that Amy was really her best friend. When Penny finally expressed this to Amy, she shouted “Bestie!” and tackled Penny in a bear hug. As Amy has always admired Penny, this quote sums it up nicely.

5 “I wish I could tell my thirteen-year-old daughter that she’s better!”

“The Skank Reflex Analysis”

Amy and Penny had a lot of iconic scenes together, especially during their girls’ night out which included wine and gossip. At the end of Season 4, everyone found out that Penny and Raj almost slept together. Ever since she dated Leonard and Raj was one of Leonard’s best friends, it was a dramatic time for the band.

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Amy loved every second of Penny’s promiscuity, mostly because she lived vicariously through her. Needing a place to hide, Penny wanted to stay with Amy for a few days, which she loved. What Amy loved the most was when Raj showed up at her door to talk to Penny. With friends sleeping in and dropping by unannounced, Amy wished she could tell herself as a teenager that her life would be okay after all.

4 “If Sheldon proposed to me during sex, my ovaries would grab hold of him and never let go.”

‘The Date Night variable’

Penny was thrown into a loop when Leonard proposed to her while having sex. If Leonard knew Penny, he would have known that Penny didn’t want to be engaged, let alone on a date night.

As true friends, Penny spoke to Amy about the situation and told her she wasn’t ready for marriage to Leonard. Amy, on the other hand, couldn’t see why Penny was so upset. According to her, if Sheldon talked to her in bed, her “ovaries would cling to him.” This quote screamed Amy’s character because of her undying love for Sheldon and because in that moment she would do anything to sleep with him.

3 “Stop it! Today isn’t for you, it’s for Howard and Bernadette, and me!”

“The Countdown Reflection”

Howard and Bernadette proved they were two goals when they had their dream wedding on a whim before Howard blasted off into space. Bernadette ultimately chose Amy as her bridesmaid because she really wanted the title.

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Amy happily accepted the title and took the responsibility a bit too far. Instead of helping Amy acted like she was the one getting married. During a small speech at the wedding, Amy reminded Leonard and Penny that the wedding was not about the argument they had, it was about Howard, Bernadette and herself. Acting like Bernadette’s wedding was her own was the most Amy thing she could have done.

2 “When there was a lice outbreak at my school, everyone got it but me. I tried to fool everyone by sprinkling sugar in my hair…”

“The implementation of the fortification”

Leave it to Amy to have weird and unhappy stories in her past. It didn’t take long for Penny and Bernadette to realize that Amy had had a difficult youth, but she was making up for lost time in adulthood.

About the lice, Amy said she pretended to have lice just to fit in with the other students. She poured sugar into her hair, but all she got was a swarm of bees instead of lifelong friends. These unfortunate stories only added to Amy’s character because she had grown so much.

“The Isolation Swap”

It took a while for Sheldon and Amy to become couple goals. Sheldon loved Amy, but he wasn’t always comfortable being intimate or comfortable with her.

In a moment of weakness, all Amy craved was a hug from Sheldon. He talked about her character that she asked Sheldon’s permission before snuggling him up, but Sheldon had no choice but to comply due to their relationship agreement. Amy would have been intimate with Sheldon long before their fifth anniversary, but Sheldon was never ready. Instead, asking for privacy was the closest thing she could get.

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