10 Best Big Bang Theory Episodes To Rewatch


The Big Bang Theory is a beloved and well-known show that is filled with iconic and hilarious moments. The sitcom follows the gang as they grow and develop friendships and relationships that will last a lifetime. There are many tender moments among the ongoing series of jokes and pop culture references.

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It can be difficult for fans to decide which episodes are the best because The Big Bang Theory has a total of 279 episodes. This can make it nearly impossible to decide what to review, as there is an overwhelming amount of choice. Whether fans want to see romance, comedy, or friendship, some of the show’s best episodes stand out.

ten ‘The Werewolf Transformation’ sees Sheldon learn to let go

In season 5, episode 18, Sheldon is upset that he can’t see his usual hairdresser because they’re in the hospital. He begins to let his routines and firm beliefs crumble when he realizes that his rigidity to the rules makes no difference in reality. Sheldon begins playing bongos, a new habit that keeps everyone awake.

The best part of “The Werewolf Transformation” is that Penny gives Sheldon a haircut and accidentally cuts off a chunk of hair when he suddenly moves. It’s hilarious to see the episode end with another routine of Sheldon collapsing, unbeknownst to him.

9 Sheldon has a heartwarming revelation in ‘The Earworm Reverberation’

During this Season 9 episode, Sheldon has a melody stuck in his head and he can’t figure out what song it is. He and Amy are separated and he soon realizes the song is about her. She, however, is on a date with someone else. After much deliberation, Sheldon goes to Amy’s apartment to win her back.

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The humor in this episode stems from Sheldon’s love for Amy, which is clearly lurking below the surface and rearing its head in the dumbest way. It also solidifies their love as he cannot walk away from her, and the pair finally get back together.

8 “The Precious Fragmentation” sees Sheldon getting punched

During “The Precious Fragmentation”, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Sheldon acquire a movie prop from The Lord of the Rings. In the end, they all want to keep the ring for themselves. Penny clings to it while they decide what to do and ends up punching Sheldon, who tries to take it from her in his sleep.

The best moment in this episode is when a daydreaming Sheldon looks in the bathroom mirror and sees himself as Gollum. “The Precious Fragmentation” is an often-forgotten episode, so it’s a must-watch. The group dynamic in the episode is hysterical, and the episode ends with Sheldon and Leonard physically fighting over the ring.

seven Penny and Sheldon’s Friendship Solidifies in “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

Penny and Sheldon’s friendship is formed very slowly over the seasons, but a dramatic development in their bond occurs in Season 3. Penny falls in the shower and dislocates her shoulder as a result. The only person who can help is Sheldon, as the rest of the gang camp in the desert and accidentally ingest marijuana.

“The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” addresses many of the recurring issues that Sheldon faces in life. He struggles with intimacy, develops close friendships and drives. Penny’s need for a helping hand and transportation to the hospital after she falls helps deal with Sheldon’s struggles, and it’s also a hilarious sequence of events.

6 ‘The Lunar Excitement’ sees Sheldon and Amy’s relationship begin

The third season finale is a huge moment for Sheldon and the show. It’s hilarious to watch Raj and Howard sign an oblivious Sheldon to a dating site, but it’s even better when they find his perfect match.

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To prove that the dating algorithms are “pure hokum”, Sheldon accepts the date. “The Lunar Excitement” marks Amy and Sheldon’s first meeting. It’s a monumental moment the pair hit it off, and it’s a fantastic rewatch to see the start of the rest of their lives.

5 ‘Maternal Ability’ Highlights Similarities in Leonard and Penny’s Upbringing

Penny and Leonard’s relationship is a roller coaster ride from pilot to finale. The pair bond over their shared struggles in Season 2 and drink together to feel better. They both have complicated relationships with their parents, especially Leonard with his mother and Penny with her father. Leonard’s comments about this discouraged Penny and she threw Leonard out of his apartment.

Rewatching this episode knowing where Penny and Leonard end up is so sweet. They manage to separate and reunite so often that it is sometimes very uncertain if they will end up together.

4 ‘The Staircase Implementation’ Finally Reveals How Sheldon and Leonard Met

The season three episode, “The Staircase Implementation,” takes fans back to when Sheldon and Leonard first met. It is interesting to compare their first meeting to their final interaction in The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon and Leonard meet under strange circumstances, including many warnings from Sheldon’s former roommate to Leonard. Nevertheless, Leonard still moves in.

The best part of this episode is when Sheldon saves Leonard’s life in a flashback, which strengthens their friendship. It was the start of a bond that has since become iconic and one of the most beloved aspects of the sitcom.

3 ‘The Rothman Disintegration’ Shows Amy’s Gift to Penny

Early in their friendship, Amy is keen to impress Penny. Amy didn’t have many friends before she met the band. As such, she apparently goes overboard with Penny. In Season 5, Amy buys Penny a huge painting of them and insists on hanging it in Penny’s small apartment.

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Their friendship changes over the seasons and Amy is no longer heavily dependent on Penny. They become equals, rather than Amy relying heavily on Penny as her only friend. Still, it’s funny for fans to look back.

2 ’21-Second Excitement’ Shows Gang Stealing Indiana Jones Movie

While “21-Second Excitement” isn’t a classic moment or essential to the overall story, it is hilarious and still worth watching. The gang gets all excited in Season 4 when never-before-seen footage of The Raiders of the Lost Ark is unveiled. They are devastated, however, when they don’t enter the cinema. Afraid they’ll miss it, Sheldon takes drastic action.

Sheldon’s nemesis, Wil Wheaton, jumps the queue, which infuriates Sheldon and causes him to steal the copy of the film. In a hilarious turn of events, the episode turns into a chase scene that looks a lot like IndianaJones.

1 Sheldon and Amy win a Nobel Prize in ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’

The Big Bang Theory would not be complete without its fantastic finale. It is essential to see it again, because nothing like revisiting such an emblematic moment of big Bang the story.

In “The Stockholm Syndrome”, Sheldon and Amy win their well-deserved Nobel Prize and take all their friends with them. In a healthy moment, they dedicate their acceptance speech to each of their friends, and Sheldon names his two dearest friends, Leonard and Penny. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that reveals Penny’s pregnancy. This episode is the perfect ending to a wonderful show full of laughter and love.

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